A New Chapter

Today marks my last day at my job. I’ve been here 2 years, but through the strong relationships I’ve formed and the invaluable experience I’ve gained, it feels so much longer than that. When I came here, I’d just left a terrible job at a very popular for-profit online college (which I won’t name) and was refreshed to have found such a great company to work for.

It’s truly been a great experience! My supervisor was incredible and I bonded quickly with the team. A year in, my role shifted from a Communications Coordinator to an Event Coordinator. I was challenged in every way possible. My introverted personality was pushed to the edge. Shyness aside, my confident, over-organized and determined side thrived in leadership. I grew. Tremendously.

It wasn’t easy, but it WAS fulfilling. Until it wasn’t anymore. My gut told me it was time to move on. I felt myself drifting too far from my career goals and began to tire of endless events. I knew it was time to make a change.

Through God Almighty, I was able to secure a highly competitive job in the educational field, which allows me to work directly in the field I spent 7 years in college studying. It’s truly a blessing to finally be where I’d envisioned myself so many years ago. This is just the beginning, and though I’m nervous, I’m ready.

They say that growth is uncomfortable. I say, Let’s Go! My exit is bittersweet though, and I’ll miss everything about working here. I’ll miss the unity, the teamwork, the shared love of clothes, and the fun times! Take a trip down memory lane with me to recall just how amazing these past 2 years have been:

travel nature travel collage2 travel collage me festivals  posh collage   camp viewfashion

Happy Trails…onward…the journey continues

Nostalgia Can Kiss My Ass

First off, pardon my French. Profanity doesn’t suit me (it truly is crass and demeaning) but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary. I am fed up, tired, over it, exasperated and dunzo. Stick a fork in it. Lay it down and bury it. Toss it overboard, dropkick it to the curb and call it a wrap. I’m through!

That’s why I have to say, nostalgia CAN kiss my ass.


An ode to nostalgia: Me at 23

Where is this untimely rant coming from? Well, I’ll tell you.

I’m completely, unabashedly, thoroughly sick of nostalgia. What is nostalgia? It’s that sickening, sappy, syrupy release of endorphins when you recall a good memory; it’s the fuzzy feeling of comfort and things well known. It’s that wafting aroma of apple pie that brings tears to your eyes as you recall your late grandmother’s famous recipe, or the sight of pink taffeta that causes you to recoil in disgust as you draw memories of your prom date. Either way, nostalgia can kiss my ass. Why? Because nostalgia is full of shit. Continue reading

Things to Do This Weekend in the Bay Area

bayareeventsSeems like I was just writing this same post the other day, instead of last Friday. How joyful I am when time flies! It’s been a busy week for me; I did a lot of running around in the rain with a week-old sore throat that refuses to falter and dissipate. Though I rejoice EVERY Friday, I’m not sure what events, if any, I’ll be partaking in. However, I’ve put together a small handy dandy list for you social butterfly hopefuls, being that the rain is supposed to be gone for the ENTIRE weekend. Enjoy!


First Fridays Art Murmur

Uptown, Oakland

Though some problems have previously plagued the ever-popular First Fridays event in Uptown Oakland, it seems like organizers have handled most of them. The forecast predicts dry weather for tonight, so it might be the perfect opportunity to partake in this hip, cool community event. Even if you aren’t into art (which there is plenty of), the crowd alone is reason enough to get out and have some fun. There’s info here.

Alvin Ailey Dance Company

Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley

Last week it was John Legend, this week it’s the world-renowned Alvin Ailey Dance Company who will grace the stage at UC Berkeley. If it wasn’t for my persistent cough and light pockets, this would be my pick. Learn more about the dance company and how to swipe tickets here.


Landmark Clay Theatre, SF

I had to include this event strictly for the sake of amusement. If you have a sick sense of humor like me, you may have (or have not) attempted to watch Sharknado. What is Sharknado? Hmm…it can best be described as the stupidest, cheapest, most ridiculous t.v. project made. Literally. This is the one and only time it’ll ever hit the big screen (I saw it on Netflix), so I challenge you to see how long you can sit through this atrocity. I lasted a whopping 29 minutes. Try and beat that! Tickets are here.


Macy’s Flower Show

Union Square Macy’s, SF

Having been inspired by a post my best friend did on the Macy’s Flower Show in NYC, I was more than thrilled to see that one was taking place right here in the Bay. The Union Square Macy’s is my personal haven. I’ll ditch and dodge tourists all day just to shop their racks. Which is why this flower show is sure to be amazing. There’s all types of perks involved this weekend, which signals the end of the show. Get the deets here!

Oakland International Film Festival

Various locations, Oakland

12 years in, the Oakland Film Festival is still going strong. It’s an international film festival, which means there will something for everyone, even if you don’t understand another language. Take a chance and see something, it might change your perspective. See the schedule here.

Muni Diaries Live!

Elbo Room, SF

Are you annoyed and exasperated by the necessary evil that is public transportation, and in this case, Muni? After four years in the city, I’ll never look at buses the same, so I was excited to learn about Muni Diaries, a website all about the Muni experience. Now, you can experience the horror tales live. Hilariousness will ensue. Find out more here.

Kindred the Family Soul

Yoshi’s SF

Y’all know I love music, right? R&B, Soul, Funk, Blues, Pop, Soft Rock, Rap; I like to feel the vibrations, you know? So it’s rare I can talk about the weekend without including at least ONE music event. This weekend, we’re taking it way back, with Kindred Family Soul, who have been rockin the stage for over 10 years now. That’s reason enough to grab a ticket. Get em’ here.


Golden State Warrior vs. Utah Jazz

Oracle Arena, Oakland

If Sunday rolls around and you’re not tired yet, head over to Oracle Arena to root for the Warriors. I’ve been to countless sports games in my life, but there’s nothing quite as exciting as watching basketball games, up close and personal. The game doesn’t start until 6pm, so you have plenty of time to recover from Saturday night. Tickets are here!

Welp, that sums it up. Whether you choose these events or others, be safe and have fun.

Cheers to the weekend!


Stop and Smell the Roses

Spring has sprung. Here in the Bay Area, the eery thunderstorms and lightning flashes have finally subsided. The pavement is toiled with after-rain potholes and puddles litter the sidewalk. But I’m happy. Better yet, I’m blessed.

I don’t know if it’s the new job (more on that later) I’ve been offered, the recent re-connections with friends, or the fact that I haven’t been outside (for more than 5 minutes) since Sunday, but today, I couldn’t help but stop and smell the roses.

During my midday walk, which directly follows lunch, I was thrilled and overjoyed to witness all the dazzling colors outside. It’s as if the stormy weather manifested beauty overnight. One day things were gray, the next they’re all in color. Everywhere I looked, I saw brilliant hues of bold pink, royal purple, lush greens, bright yellows, warm oranges and calming blues.

It’s bittersweet, really. As much as I’m looking forward to moving on towards my goals, I’ll miss walking past these comforting colors, which have always reminded me to be grateful, to be thankful, to be better, to be happy and to always stop and smell the roses. Simplicity is the key to my own happiness. I hope these images provide as much joy to you as they did to me.

photo 4

photo 1 (2)


flowersphoto 2 fence


Things to Do This Weekend in the Bay Area

bayareeventsBay Area! It’s that time again.It’s Friiiiiiday. With intermittent breaks expected in our rainy weather forecast, there may be room to find things to do this weekend in the Bay Area. I’m always surprised when I venture out into the wet weather only to find that rain doesn’t actually stop anything. Guess it’s just me (though I know I’m not alone–some of US still treat rain like kryptonite). In case you fall into the latter category, here are some ideas:


Friday Nights at the deYoung Museum

Golden Gate Park, SF

Today kicks off a season of Friday nights at the deYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park. You don’t have to be an art-enthusiast to enjoy yourself; many of these after-hours events include live music, food and drinks, which take place inside the deYoung. Better yet, it’s free! Get the deets here.

The Standard at Parliament

Old Oakland

There’s a new lounge (I say new only because I’ve just heard of it) called Parliament. It’s located in charming old Oakland, not too far from Air Lounge and Liege. From what I’ve heard, it’s the perfect place to groove to neo-soul and r&b sounds, which is why it’s so shocking that I’ve never been. I need to go! Or, you can check it out first and let me know how it is. Deal? I’ll get there eventually. Interested? Get on the guestlist here.


MacWorld/iWorld 2014

Moscone Center, SF

Yes, the highly anticipated techie conference is back in SF, annoying the hell out of drivers and city dwellers since yesterday. Not tech-inclined, or still bristling from the heightened tensions between SF residents and the tech crowd? Call a peace treaty for the sake of cool! What I mean is, MacWorld is cool. It’s fun, and we all love toys we can play with. My sis and dad will be there living it up in geekland, so I’m all for it. My virtual bff, Johnny Funcheap, even has discounted tickets available here.

Mamma Mia

Orpheum Theater, SF

Who doesn’t love a musical? Ok, to be fair, I don’t. But if I can stomach this story in a movie, I’m sure it’s even more amazing onstage. It’s only in town until April 6th, so with gloomy weather on the horizon this weekend, hide away in this cozy and accessible theater for a night of song and synchronized dance. Tickets are here.

Robin Thicke

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, SF

If you’re more in the mood for soul singing rather than stage singing, recently single Robin Thicke is in town for the night, bringing his brand of good guy gone bad to SF. I’ve seen him in concert, and he does sound pretty good. Tickets are affordable, and still available here.


Freestyle Motorcross: Nuclear Cowboyz

SAP Center, San Jose

If adrenaline pumping and extreme sports is your idea of a good time, here’s a rad event you won’t want to miss. For a mere $25, you’ll sit and witness the insanity of motorcross. Think pyrotechnics, killer aerial stunts, and wild rides. Find more about the Nuclear Cowboyz and the event here.

John Legend

Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley

Platinum selling, singer-songwriter (and smooth sounding) John Legend will grace the stage at Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley at 7:30pm. I’ve heard praise after praise from those who have seen him live, so I’d easily choose this over Robin Thicke (but that’s just me). Grab a seat here.