What I’m Watching: Kimmie, Dwayne Wayne & More

Since my last installment of What I’m Watching, I’ve completed all three seasons of House of Cards, demolished Mad Men, breezed through Reign, and fell irreversibly behind on Scandal. In my search for stimulating entertainment, I’ve taken a hiatus from suspenseful, poignant dramas and allowed myself to dive headfirst into comedy. Really silly, hysterical funnies and conscious comedies are my new thing. Why? Because real life is serious enough! So what am I watching?


Web Series

Ackee & Saltfish

British comedy is known for its edgy, alternative approach to funny and I can’t get always relate. But with Cecile Emeke‘s Ackee & Saltfish, I just can’t stop laughing. As I watched the series, I kept thinking about myself and my bff, who bicker like old biddies and have a good time anywhere we go — even a carpet store! To understand that last sentence, you’ll just have to watch the series.

The Choir

Another Issa Rae production, The Choir possesses the same satirical style of comedy we’ve come to expect from Ms. Awkward Black Girl. A little bit silly, a little bit true, and a whole lotta funny.


The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Speaking of silly and hilarious, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is by far the most ridiculous show on Netflix. The stupidity of the show is its genius. You cannot even take yourself serious while watching it. Created by Tina Fey and lead by the actress formerly known as “Erin” on The Office, the supporting characters catapult this comedy from stupid to stupidly, outlandishly funny.

A Different World

Attention 80s babies!! A Different World is now streaming on Netflix. Dwayne Wayne, Freddie, Sinbad, Whitley…..I feel like a lost soul who’s finally come home. This Cosby spin-off reminds me that once upon a time, positive black entertainment existed. And I miss that. But please, no remake is necessary. I’m happy to watch the series. On repeat.

Ways to Celebrate Spring in the Bay Area

springApril showers USED to bring May flowers, but with the California drought in full effect, this Spring season looks more like Summer. Less rain, more allergies, less water, more sun. The Bay Area’s mild temperatures provide the perfect excuse for celebrating Spring. What to do? Where to go? All of the answers are below!

Do The Bay

Do the Bay is a cool new site that literally lists all of the best options for celebrating Spring in the Bay Area. Not only are the lists separated by region, but they also include thoughtful subcategories like best restaurants and outdoor events.

Bay Area Social


Bay Area Social has become one of my favorite sources for events and entertainment in the Bay Area. After discovering them on Twitter, I subscribed and now receive a monthly compilation of the hottest, underground concerts and happenings across the Bay.

 CBS Local

Top Valentine’s Day Aphrodisiacs

I’m usually wary of events found on media affiliate sites, but CBS Local has done a great job of producing weekly lists of worthwhile activities. These events are pretty unique and some are even a little weird–just how I like ’em.

Summer 2015 Free Music Guide


If you’re like me and plan activities well into summer, this is your go-to guide to all local and FREE music events in the Bay Area. Free + music + local = dream come true! You do the math.


With resources like these, there’s no reason your Spring should not be filled with fun, food, festivals, and flowers, of course (we can’t forget those May flowers).



On Being Free-Spirited and Attached


I once had an ex-boyfriend tell me I was “too free,” while another ex labeled me the “typical independent type.” The former was a complaint and the latter supposedly a compliment. I also recall a college fling saying I “acted like a kid” because I laughed and joked a lot. Mind you, these comments occurred while I was in undergraduate and graduate school respectively, working and attending school full time all while scrounging up pennies to travel. Truth is, they were right. I am a free spirit. I’m also responsible, level headed and organized to a fault. Take it or leave it, that was my motto. In the end, I took my free spirit and flew far, far away.

As a young, educated African-American woman, I found that free-spirited equated with unreliable and irresponsible. But for me, that was never the case. My knack for adventure began in childhood, as I ventured into wooded creeks to catch salamanders, climbed the highest trees and skated down the steepest streets. My excursions resulted in many scrapes and bruises, but my risks were always calculated; I never went too far.

I’ve realized it’s the same now, as an adult. No longer do I approach relationships and freedom with trepidation. Attachment does not mean enslavement, and my freedom is never up for sale. The problem wasn’t my free spirit, it was the people who I allowed access to it. But I don’t have to be alone to be free. Instead, I’ve surrounded myself with people (including one special person), who not only encourage my free spirit, but are inspired by it.

Let’s fly away together, instead.

Four Ways to Stay Calm When You Want to Scream

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to scream?

I don’t have many, but when they do occur, I find it challenging to practice what I preach. I was thisclose to losing my cool last week when a thieving miscreant attempted to steal my car. Though my car remains in my possession, the emotional havoc cannot be undone. Ten years later, it’s time to bid my car goodbye. Between work projects, personal commitments and wedding planning, I almost lost it when I thought about car shopping. So how did I stay positive when I really just wanted to scream?

talkBy the fourth time I told my stolen car story, the absurdity of it all launched me into a fit of giggles. Even when I prayed aloud, I realized how lucky I was to have such a materialistic problem. Talking HELPS.

CallCall on those who love and support you. Family, your best friend, your husband, or all of the above. Moral support has power.

takeMost of us don’t have the luxury of skipping life a la Eat Pray Love, but we can take a day off from our problems. Choose one day to ignore the problem and relax. Just one day.

exerciseExercise releases endorphins, which make you happier. Whether it’s a fun zumba class, a scenic walk, bike ride or rollerskating, exercise is a natural distraction that will boost your mood!

Try these things and maintain your calm! I promise, you’ll feel better.

How about you? What do you do to stay calm?