Tourist Tales: Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

photo 5The best part about living near a major city is enjoying all of the enticing arts, culture and entertainment events. As the seasons change, one thing remains: there’s always something new to do. I grew up outside of San Francisco and spent four glorious years calling the fog city home. Yet and still, there’s so many places I’ve never visited. Much like my fellow New Yorkers and Chicagoans, we city people tend to avoid tourist traps like the plague. We’d rather traipse across town than be stuck in the throes of tourists downtown.

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This past Saturday, however, I put my city snobbery aside and spent the day in the most tourist-populated part of town: Pier 39. My day included a yummy lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack and an afternoon exploring Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Yes, it’s as touristy as you can get, but it was also a lot of fun! I’ve only been once before, in Las Vegas, and had a great time touring the San Francisco version. So much so, that I’m looking forward to seeing what other sights I’ve been missing!

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What about you? Do you play tourist in your town?

Super Random Facts About Me

The game: Compile a list of the most random facts about you. Dig deep for the most ridiculous, non-sensical facts. Once completed, tag someone else to complete their own list. Have fun!

10 Super Random Facts About Me


1. When I first heard the uncut version of the song “Nann” (Trick Daddy feat Trina), it completely altered my perspective on life. (I was 15yrs old).

2. I love chewing on pieces of my skin (cuticles, fingernails, inside of my mouth). It’s gross, but super comforting.

3. I hum incessantly and have to actively prevent myself from doing so in public settings. I often fail.

4. I always owe money to the public library, because I check out 10-12 books at a time, and read every single one, which usually takes much longer than the allotted checkout time.

5. I enjoy onion flavored food, but HATE onions, with the exception of green onions which I adore.

6. I reuse cooking oil and am not ashamed about it. I blame my ancestors for passing down this money-saving trait.

7. I have funded an entire summer by taking surveys and participating in focus groups full-time. It was the best and brokest time of my life.

8. I’m not a fan of nicknames and like to call people by their government name. As an African American, I of course have a nickname that I respond to. Everyone in my family does.

9. I’m obsessed with dyeing my hair blue-black, have tried and failed at least 5 times. I’ll give it another go eventually.

10. I’m always inexplicably joyful on Fridays. No matter what.


October Writing Challenge: Day 31

The word of the day is


Finally! My writing challenge has come to a close. Though I missed some days, I learned a lot by challenging myself. Writing isn’t easy, but making it a habit has allowed me to be more expressive. The word of the day also allowed me a perspective I previously didn’t make time for.

Another task I’ve completed? Learning a new program at work. I set a short term goal for myself and completed it. I’m proud of me, because the program has a steep learning curve, but with tutorials, Youtube vids, and Google, I did it. Now, my long term goal is to MASTER the program. I can and will do it!

Have a Happy (and safe) Halloween!

October Writing Challenge: Day 30

The word of the day is


It’s true. The San Francisco Giants are the 2014 World Series Champions (also known as the 2010 & 2012 World Series Champions)!! After a humiliating loss in Game 6, my courageous Giants pulled off a W in the very last hour. Whether you’re a sports fan or not, the tenacity of this team, with all the baseball odds stacked against them, is admirable. In my opinion, that is what differentiates winners from champions.

Winners and champions both end up on top, but winners get there a different way. Maybe it’s luck, maybe it’s a bad call, or maybe it’s a rainy day. Whatever it is, winners don’t always win because they’re the best. Champions do. Champions win because they put their blood, sweat and tears into it. They dig their heels deep and hold onto hope. They have faith long enough to get them to the other side. I aspire to be a champion of life. Not by luck or chance, but by faith and perseverance. What about you?

October Writing Challenge: Day 29

The word of the day is


Last night’s memorial service was so powerful for me. First we cried, then we laughed, but most importantly, we loved. We loved the person who passed away. As I sat there and witnessed the family’s sorrow and remarkable strength, I took away an important lesson that each and every speaker mentioned: time is everything.

The time is now. The time we spend with our loved ones, whether that be our family, our friends, or our pets, is so important. Because one thing is absolute: time will end for all of us. As morbid as that sounds, it’s actually great motivation. Don’t spend all your time working, struggling, wishing, worrying, thinking and planning. Yes, those are realistic parts of life, but never lose sight of precious time. Now is the only time that’s guaranteed. Spend it wisely :)