Four Ways to Stay Calm When You Want to Scream

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to scream?

I don’t have many, but when they do occur, I find it challenging to practice what I preach. I was thisclose to losing my cool last week when a thieving miscreant attempted to steal my car. Though my car remains in my possession, the emotional havoc cannot be undone. Ten years later, it’s time to bid my car goodbye. Between work projects, personal commitments and wedding planning, I almost lost it when I thought about car shopping. So how did I stay positive when I really just wanted to scream?

talkBy the fourth time I told my stolen car story, the absurdity of it all launched me into a fit of giggles. Even when I prayed aloud, I realized how lucky I was to have such a materialistic problem. Talking HELPS.

CallCall on those who love and support you. Family, your best friend, your husband, or all of the above. Moral support has power.

takeMost of us don’t have the luxury of skipping life a la Eat Pray Love, but we can take a day off from our problems. Choose one day to ignore the problem and relax. Just one day.

exerciseExercise releases endorphins, which make you happier. Whether it’s a fun zumba class, a scenic walk, bike ride or rollerskating, exercise is a natural distraction that will boost your mood!

Try these things and maintain your calm! I promise, you’ll feel better.

How about you? What do you do to stay calm?





Spring Staycation: Calistoga

Endless rolling hills meet a leafy oasis, as vines stretch for miles. A sweet sensation clouds the clear air. Mountaintops paint the horizon. No, this isn’t a colorful piece of art, it’s Napa Valley. Words can’t quite capture my recent trip to Calistoga, but these pictures might come close.

WWW NMS_6087 DSC_6072Calistoga is a small town in Northern Napa county that hosts acres and acres of ripe vines, relaxing spas and breathtaking wineries.WWS


This cool place boasts a mineral water pool, organic mud bath and deep tissue massage. The motel style accommodations initially threw me, but our time here was truly relaxing and the quality of services exceeded my expectation! This is a YES.


DSC_6131 DSC_6132 I hate to critique small business owners, but the S.O. and I were supremely disappointed in Buster’s BBQ. Housed in an adorable roadside station, the nostalgic design and bbq aroma was enticing. Unfortunately, the food was lackluster and the bbq sauce — just…no. This was a NAH.

DSC_6140 - Copy DSC_6137 - Copy DSC_6143The good news? Pacifico Mexican Restaurant was awesome! With its multicolored chairs, Aztec furnishing and Mariachi band, Pacifico felt like home. The food, the margaritas…this is a YES M’AM!

WWD2DSC_6111 DSC_6110 DSC_6109 DSC_6117 DSC_6093

Where else can you ride a gondola and be greeted by varieties of wine? Divinely situated atop a mountain, Sterling Vineyards was an experience. Beautiful sights, delicious wine…we were so sold we joined the wine club. This was a YES! YES! YES!

DSC_6129 DSC_6127DSC_6128

Though it was the polar opposite of Sterling (intimate & rustic), at Von Strasser we enjoyed a wine and chocolate pairing and shared laughs with our hilarious wine guide.

As you can see, good times were had. If you’re interested in visiting Napa Valley, make sure you stop in Calistoga!

What I’m Reading: Beautiful Women, Broken Spirits

Feeding my insatiable appetite for information, one book at a time

Books_Post 1This week’s book review is all about beautiful, strong women, fighting a war against broken spirits. It wasn’t until I began to write this post that I realized the commonality in themes. While spirits may be broken, they are never unfixable, and each one of these books touches on that belief.


Ruby was a difficult, strenuous read, one in which I took several breaks to lift my spirits. The plot triumphs against remnants of extreme racism and violence, molestation and heartache, juxtaposing demonistic presence with fanatical religion. Ruby requires an unrealistic optimism and strong heart to complete.

Don’t Waste Your Pretty

Demetria “A Belle in Brooklyn” Lucas’ second compilation of heartbreak, inspiration and courage is the realest advice column I’ve come across yet. She gives it to you straight, no chaser. Her biting words may sting (I winced several times), but your outlook on dating and relationships will never be the same. And you’ll forever love her for stopping you from “wasting your pretty.”

The Girl on the Train

Heralded as gold by critics, the girl on this train is a hot, raggedy mess. Broken and tattered, her shambled life leads her down a road of twists and turns that never end. Reminiscent of Gone Girl, the suspense is titillating. I figured it out halfway through, but still enjoyed the ending, as I suspect you will too! The Girl on the Train is a must read.

Where: SF Weekly’s DRINK Event

What’s better than spending time in the city I love, enjoying my beverage of choice, on a perfect Spring day? Doing it all for FREE! After winning tickets to SF Weekly’s DRINK Event, the S.O. and I ate a big breakfast, wore our most stable shoes, and headed to my fave city. Before I share details, I’ll give this disclaimer: this was, in fact, a wine/beer/spirits tasting event, so the pictures aren’t exactly my best work! Okay, carry on.


Held at SoMa hotspot Roe, DRINK SF offered three floors of entertainment.

DSC_6037We started off with beer and appetizers on the first floor, then worked our way to the top level, where more serious samplings, like Don Julio’s tequila, were being offered.


DSC_5998We discovered this floor was NOT for lightweights. However, there was an amazing organic coffee stand for those trying to maintain sobriety (nearly impossible, FYI).

DSC_6008DSC_6006Equipped with our bag of goodies and keepsake tumblers, we explored new brands and had tons of fun. Before calling it a day, we headed to the lower level for photobooth fun.

yourphotoThe best part? A portion of the proceeds will benefit Mama Hope, a non-profit that works to improve economic and health conditions in Africa. Good times for a good cause!