Brown Girl Blogger: The Art of Failing Up

“If you don’t know what you want to do,

do everything.”

– wise words spoken by my father


My first aspiration was to be a gymnast. I enrolled in the local YMCA and spent my evenings hanging from bars. Then, I saw someone tumble viciously off the balance beam. I decided I could do flips for fun but, that the balance beam wasn’t going to be my future. Instead, I turned to books for entertainment and discovered an entirely new world. Some might say I failed at gymnastics and they would be right.

Failing and failing UP are not the same thing. One should always aspire to fail UP. Read the rest of my guest post at Brown Girl Bloggers.





Museum of Broken Relationships

It’s February and all month long, love has been in the air. Relationships are being celebrated, hearts are soaring. But for every lovestruck couple there are countless heartbroken individuals, nursing what once was. Love is a beautiful thing, until it’s not.

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to the city to explore a darker side of love. My family thought it a bit strange that I wanted to visit such a somber place on my birthday, but I tend to find beauty where most overlook it. On its first open day, the gallery was empty; a sterile environment juxtaposed with emotional remnants.

I read each story, touched each memento, and relived the heartbreak, the sorrow, the relief, the hope for a new beginning. The experience was powerful, and I urge you to visit if the traveling exhibit makes it to your city.

The Museum of Broken Relationships

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Bay Area Soul

The true soul (the heart, the inner makings, the culture) of the Bay Area is not found in Silicon Valley’s microchips, San Francisco’s Union Square or Napa Valley’s vines. Instead, the heart of the Bay lies in its diverse population, and their unique contributions to this metropolitan area. In order to pay homage to this amazing culture that groomed me, I’ll be highlighting what I consider the Bay Area’s Soul.


small business owners

companies owned by people of color

grassroots organizations & movements

positive community events

inspirational art

& more

There are so many fulfilling things happening here that are  overshadowed by big business – imagine if Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Lyft, Pandora and AirBnb were in your backyard – so my new mission is to spread the word. The Bay Area has soul, if only you dig a little deeper.



What Nobody Tells You About Your 30s: Love for 30


When I turned 29 one year ago, my family and friends quickly pointed out the pending end of an era. While they joked and jested, I amicably ignored them. Truthfully, I was looking forward to exiting a decade known for its trials and tribulations, for its appeal and excitement, for its agony and joy.

I used to quietly listen as my cousin, my sister, and then my friends talked about turning 30, wondering what my approach would be. But for all the things others said about turning 30, there are countless things they didn’t say. While there is anticipation and some dread, there is also genuine excitement and gratefulness. These are the things nobody tells you about turning 30.

Read the rest at My Thirty Spot as part of their Love for 30 Project!