Love and Loss


Love doesn’t have to end just because the relationship does. While this statement seems obvious, I’ve only JUST reached the point where I can accept this. The ending of a relationship sucks us dry emotionally. With time, we reach a point where we climb off the rollercoaster for good. We usually call that point closure. But sometimes, in rare situations, closure comes with accepting the sentiment above: Love doesn’t have to end just because the relationship does.

I strongly believe in charismatic connections, which I’d describe as two people being drawn to one another rigorously, and without restraint. These types of connections are few and far between, but when they occur, they’re unstoppable. I know that these connections often cause havoc. I also know that most people deny themselves this, because truthfully, it doesn’t always happen with the person you’d expect, or prefer. Denial is a smart choice. Indulgence is a scary one. As the adventurous type, I tumbled down a long road of redemption, attempting to leave all regrets behind. But I struggled with one last notion: how do I let the love go?

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The relationship HAD to end; there was no question about that. The friendship could be distanced. The chemistry could be quelled. And space is the answer to everything. But love? Love does what it wants. I tried over and over again, failing miserably. Finally, I decided on a passive form of conflict management: avoidance.

That worked for quite some time, until recent events evoked serious emotions. Then, after having a conversation with my sister (who always drops nuggets of wisdom), I realized my internal struggle was an unnecessary battle. Who said love had to end? Love is the most human emotion. Every human being deserves at least that, love. Why would I stop loving this person? And so I won’t . And I make no apologies about it.

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