The Bling and The Boo: I’m Engaged!


the location

I’m officially off the market y’all. Dunzo. It’s a wrap. Singledom has come to a screeching halt. Of course, I’ve technically been off the market for the past 2 years, but this makes it all the way official.

In the midst of the excitement and joy, I was bombarded with questions from friends and fam that I felt obliged to answer:


the boo

How do you feel? I felt happy and nervous.

Was it a surprise? Getting engaged was NOT a surprise. You don’t know someone 14 years, date them for 2 and never discuss your future.

How did he do it? How he did it was the surprise. It was in the middle of a workday, during an impromptu lunch, in the least obvious location.

When is the wedding? The wedding will be in Hawaii next year and only include my immediate family.

Did you want to shout it off the mountaintops?  I actually kept the news to myself for one WHOLE day. Then I told those closest to me. On day three, I announced it on Facebook.

How does it feel to be off the market? Well, even when I’ve tried to stay single, I ended up in a relationship. So being committed isn’t new. But right before the S.O. and I started dating, I was truly alone. And it was great! Now, because I’m marrying my best friend, it just feels….right.

the bling

I’m sure there are more questions to come, but I can say this: People LOVE love. And I can’t blame them; it’s a beautiful, crazy, ridiculous thing.


i said yes


4 thoughts on “The Bling and The Boo: I’m Engaged!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I’m so happy that you are marrying your best friend and that it feels right! Those two things are so so important and I hope that one day I’ll do the same! Aww this is lovely…congrats again!

    (Do you have a P.O. Box or something??)

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